Metal Paintings

We have a specialist service in metal Paintings...


Pintura Anti-incendio

EcoPaint - São Tomé e Príncipe has a team of qualified and specialized professional in all types of painting services, from exterior and interior paintings to safety anti-fire paintings.





We specialize in Building, Finishing, Maintenance and Special Services.

                                    All type of plastic paints (smooth and textured finishes


                      Varnishing and treatment of woods (maintenance and treatment)

                      Lacking of woods (synthetic, polyurethane, fire retardants)

                      Painting of metallic elements, etc.

                      Treatment and painting of concrete (acrylic, varnishes and hydrofugant)

                      Painting of pavements (self-levelling, slip resistance and varnishes)


                      Building painting services


                      Patinas, golden and aged painting in woods (furniture and doors)

                      Patines, dourados e pintura envelhecida em madeiras (mobiliário e portas)


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